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Live Interview
with Sherita ReRe Evans of KPOO 89.5 FM  December 17, 2017 & March 7, 2019 CW/Las Vegas News  

CD Release Rewind Concert

Love Chronicles 
Shonte`s debut single is available for download Now!


Love Chronicles can be dowloaded through iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.  You can listen to Love Chronicles  on music streaming services such as, Tidal, iHeart Radio, Spotify, Rhapsody, Apple Music and Youtube. 

Love Chronicles
Private CD Listening Party was a HUGE! success.
Thank you to all of you who attended,
hope you had an ENJOYABLE time. 
Thanks again for sharing that
memorable moment with me.



Live Interview
with Erika Blue of Ozcat Radio 89.5 FM KZCT April 9, 2016   
Nona Brown & IMC 
Shonte` performs with the Inspirational Music Collective


Nona Brown and IMC performs with the Oakland Ballet Company in their collection of well corographed pieces set to acapella music. Performances are a s follows:


April 14-16, 2016 Malonga Casquelourd Theater-Oakland

April 21, 2016  Brava Theater-San Francisco

April 23, 2016 Reed LBuffington Performing Arts Center Chabot College-Hayward

Nona Brown and the Inspirational Music Collective

White Diamond CD Release Birthday Bash

April 23, 2016


I just wanna take this time out to say THANK YOU SO much to Every person who showed up for my CD Release/Birthday Bash. It was Awesome to see each and everyone of YOU! I did a different type of concert staying true to who I am as a person and artist! I gave an Experience of my life my story, my testimony just me.... Special Thanks to my Amazing Team Mark Pringle, GDee Shipman, Kris Martin, Monique Robertson, Rick James, Eric Gerald Marshall, Chris Perkins, Anthony Jackson, Adrienne Johnson, Juanita L. Martin, Vincent L. Johnson, Soundman Dre, Joseph E. Ingraham, Rai'shee Herring, George A. Epps II, Darius Lynch, Edwina Tyler, Meko White Mua, Bishop Anthony L. Willis, AND MY entire LILY OF THE VALLEY CHURCH FAMILY! THANK YOU for MY family and friends that came down from Texas Rhonda Herring, Mommy Marie Raspberry, my father Robert Herring and Antwan Powels. Lastly BUT certainly NOT least my IMC FAMILY Lady Nona Brown, THANK YOU for such an Amazing Experience with the Oakland Ballet, YES I ended my night on stage right after my CD Release to finish up 6 shows! Had a Blast yesterday was great! GOD has BEST in my front view.... I got amazing doors open to me, I'll share soon love's. THANK YOU to Everyone who took time to email, text message, Inbox, write on my wall or call to wish me a happy day, well wishes and Love! I appreciate it ALL especially those of you who I know planned to be there and couldn't, I felt your presence I know y'all got me. I love you all keep praying for me and I'll keep you updated on my next BIG! thing.











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